Social Security Disability Plan

Does it seem like every month your electric bill comes due before your social security or disability check arrives?

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senior_coupleWorrying about payments while waiting for a check isn’t convenient for anyone, so why not take charge of your payment schedule?  Sign up for Tri-County Electric Cooperative’s Social Security/Disability Plan.

It’s All in the Timing

Tri-County Electric Cooperative can’t control when you receive your check, but we can let you control when you receive your electric bill.

Sign up for this program and your electric bill will be received about the 3rd day of each month.  Though your meter still will be read every 30 days, your bill won’t be mailed until the first business day of each month and should arrive the first week of the month.  This way, your electric bill and your government check will arrive at about the same time.

If you would like to apply for Social Security/ Disability Plan, Online Rx Tramadol and complete and mail it to us or drop it by our office…whichever is more convenient for you.