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Another South Carolina Green Power Solar School

Tri-County Electric Cooperative and Santee Cooper proudly join forces in dedicating Hopkins Middle School as a Green Power Solar School.

Green Power Solar Schools are enabling young people, educators, the community and others across the state to engage in taking an active interest in South Carolina’s environmental future.

solar_panelHopkins Middle School has received a 2 kilowatt solar power demonstration system. Students and teachers will use the solar panels as a teaching, research and hands-on learning tool to increase their understanding of solar energy.

A key component of Green Power Solar Schools is a specially designed renewable energy curriculum and in Internet monitoring system that provides real time data on the solar panel performance.

Increasing the use of renewable electricity generation is a first step in understanding our future generating options and the need for conservation of electricity.

Green Power Solar Schools are providing young people with a dynamic way to ignite their imaginations and increase their knowledge to lead the way toward environmental and energy innovation. To help continue South Carolina’s positive environmental future, visit SCGreenPower.com. See real-time solar cell data on all Green Power Solar Schools can be found along with Hopkins Middle School.